The Trainer

Recently I’ve developed a squeaky trainer, the left trainer of my favourite white trainers. It never used to squeak, it just started one day when it rained and hasn’t stopped since. Initially I was able to just shift my weight slightly to the outside and it would stop but now those days are gone. It just squeaks….all the time.

This morning my Walkman ran out of battery on the way to work. This meant that I had to listen to the squeak of my trainer. It’s one thing making the rest of the world listen to my squeak as I walk to work in the morning but for me to have to listen to it is a different matter altogether, that’s just plain rude.

It is also impacting on my plans to start a second career as a cat burglar.

Squeaky Trainer

5 thoughts on “The Trainer

  1. Thanks for your cheer upper! I liked it!

    And I bought that mouse in a shoe for my boyfriend this summer!! His nick is Mouse, you see.

  2. Yeah, i wear different ones instead. I did think about a highly technical solution where i tried to identift exactly where the noise was coming from, but then i realised that the trainers were just fucked so it didn’t seem worth the effort!

  3. ’tis the dilema of the modern man, should i fix something or just not even bother and buy a new replacment