The New Home

So here we are, is born!! I’ve been meaning to move my blog for ages but was imspited today after forking out £60 for my hosting renewal. Whether or not it will inspire me to actualy get back into the habit of blogging remains to be seen but it’s a start I guess.

I’ve managed to drag all my posts across from the old blog (which is still there for now) but all the times are a bit weird. I’m using WordPress now which is something a bit new to me but I expect any teething problems to get worked out over the next year or so 80)

Sit back, relax, check when you can be arsed and then enjoy!!

And if I do manage to do some blogging, don’t be shy, get the comments rolling in!!

4 thoughts on “The New Home

  1. More to the point how have i read this post at least three times and not noticed that mistake. My proof reading powers must be fading…that or my appointment at the opticians can’t come soon enough!!!