The Mystery Product

I use a browser plugin called StumbleUpon quite a bit. It adds a little button to your browser that takes you to a random website that someone else had recommended each time you click it. This is a pretty good way to discover new sites and find amusing articles that you would never have otherwise found.

While stumbling this afternoon I was sent on a little journey to this site

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which is selling a rather bizarre product.

Unfortunately the site is in German and so I have no idea why there is a picture of a vibrator attached to an iPod. Perhaps one of my German blogging friends can enlighten us all!!

12 thoughts on “The Mystery Product

  1. I’ll do my very best… ;-)

    Well, it’s a new form of Plug&Play *g* You attach the vibrator to your iPod, turn on the music – and the vibrator vibrates in the rhythm and the intense of the music you are listening to.

  2. that is genius. i thought it would be something along these lines but wasn’t sure whether it was just a standard vibrator that just ran off the power of your iPod.

    So ladies, what kind of music would be best to listen to during use?? 80)

  3. At first I thought of Maurice Ravel’s “Bolero”. It starts veeery slowly and gets ecstatic in the end…

    But hey, AC/DC should work as well ;-)

  4. I already thought about that after I posted my first comment – even before you could ask ;-)

    So maybe I’m a pervert myself? :-)

  5. this has been around for a while dude. the press latched onto it and it’s in the Sun today..,,2-2005520728,00.html

    think it was on Jonathan Ross a couple of weeks ago as well.

    just google ibuzz and you’ll get a load of results.


  6. If i was into this sort of thing and i stuck it in my ass – now there’s an image! I would listen to Don’t Stop Til You GEt Enough by the Jackson 5 as it’s got a great beat failing that maybe Bohemian Rapsody as it goes on for about 7 minutes

  7. Sorry for making you read something you already knew about Smithers.

    Personally I don’t keep up with the latest in vibrator news and so I was unaware there had been such a “buzz” about it already. It’s good that you keep yourself abreast of these issues though. I’m sure your knowledge will come in handy soon.

  8. Having looked at your link it ain’t even the same product anyway.

    The tone of your comment and its “old news” style has offended me Smithers and I think you should check your facts before you give me your shit.

    Besides, I published this yesterday and the Sun published a similar article today. Seems like they’re copying my content rather than the other way round don’t you think?!?

  9. there i was thinking i had made a constructive comment that had no malicious intent and actually thought i was helping you find out more about the product in question. Instead you misinterpret my comment and take it as a personal attack.Shocking.
    Well, you can put your vibrator in your mouth and suck my balls bitch!